Adam Roylance

Adam has been involved with sword fighting for over 30 years, as training officer in the Vikings through fencing epee for his county into historical based combat. He started his Nottingham club in 2003 and co founded KDF in 2006 immediately adopting the 'small frame' approach of Thomas Stoeppler.

Stevie Thurston

Stevie is a professional archaeologist with a passion for Renaissance England. He grew up in the re-enactment scene and in 1990 he helped found Rosa Mundi, a Living History group covering the last quarter of the Fifteenth Century. Through this he discovered historical combat treatise and started solo study of Talhoffer in 1997.

In 2000 he started reading for an Archaeology Bsc. completing in 2004 with the submission of a dissertation looking at sharp force trauma patterns in HEMA works and skeletal populations. Feedback on his dissertation lead to him studying the earlier English sources and in 2009 he established Dragon's Tayle as a means of furthering his interpretation of Additional MS 39564, aka The Ledall Roll. Since then Stevie has taught at various international events in the UK and Continental Europe, he and his students have placed in and won several UK tournaments, and he is currently looking at how best to take Ledall's system to the next level.

Rob Lovett

Rob Lovett has over 40 years of martial arts experience, including boxing, wrestling, judo, Filipino stick, self-defence (New Breed). He started studying European arms and armour at the age of 15, with re-enactment, then turned to the study of historic manuals in the mid-90s.

He has studied under Ancient Maister Terry Brown and Maister Frank Doherty from 1996 to 1998, before embarking on his own studies in 1998, initially with Le Jue de la Hache and then with the manuscripts ascribed to Fiore dei Liberi. He has been recognised as a Maister by the Maister’s Guild of European Martial Arts, as well as being a founder member of HEMAC and The Exiles CMMA. Rob Lovett has taught both nationally and internationally.

Jamie MacIver

Jamie is the chairman and one of the longsword instructors at the London Historical Fencing Club. He regularly competes and teaches at events across the UK and Europe. Jamie began his HEMA journey studying Fiore, but 2 years ago out of curiosity picked up a copy of Vadi's "De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi" as a short experiment. He never looked back, and is now one of only a handful of people across the globe that study Vadi as a primary source. He believes that, despite the technical overlap with Fiore, the differences in strategy, principles and concepts are significant enough to believe Vadi's claim that it is a new system of swordplay. As well as longsword, Jamie also studies I.33 sword and buckler and Angelo's smallsword.

Mark Lancaster

In 1999, Mark discovered Terry Brown's book, English Martial Arts, and from there The Exiles and has studied under Rob Lovett ever since. Since then it has been a case of continual learning. The majority of his study is purely around Fiore on both the martial and the academic. He is a qualified instructor and has taught and presented in several countries and throughout the UK; co-authored the Primoris Fiore book; worked on translations and both martial and historical analysis - some of which has gone to print or formal presentation.

Rupert Carus

Rupert has trained with the Exiles for 17 years and instructed for 8.

He’s an old git with an anit-authoritarian streak.

He lives in a mad house.

Dean Davidson

Dean Davidson has over 20 years’ experience in martial arts and training in weapons combat, with a grounding in Tai Chi and historical fencing. He is the KDF International and European Historical Combat Guild Chapter Master at the Royal Armouries, Leeds. Dean has presented and run numerous workshops at conferences and seminars across the UK on the traditions of Johannes Liechtenauer, most notably at the International Medieval Congress (an international assembly providing a unique insight into the vast array of medieval life and times).

Luke Ireland

Luke began his martial arts training in 1998 by studying Wing Chun Kung Fu in the Chu Shong Tin lineage. After first learning about HEMA in the early 2000's, but having no medieval club nearby, he joined a full contact reenactment combat group which incorporated some HEMA into their syllabus. After several years, he along with a group of like minded reenactors, formed a study group to focus on HEMA sources with Luke assuming the role of their lead.

It was during this time that they were contacted by the Exiles, who offered to help in their endeavour. This lead to their focusing on Fiore and application for full membership of the Exiles. Since then, Luke has gone on to teach at several of the UK's leading HEMA events and whilst the works Fiore's system remain his primary area of focus and teaching, in the last few years, he has also developed an interest in the Montante of Dom Diogo Gomes de Figueiredo.

Herbert Schmidt

Herbert Schmidt founded the Austrian club Ars Gladii in 1999 and has been its trainer since. He began to reconstruct the art of the longsword in the Liechtenauer tradition soon to be followed by work on the I.33. His aim has always been a faithful reconstruction of the sources.

Having published two books on swordsmanship and one on the buckler he is giving talks and workshops all over Europe, especially regarding his work on the I.33. Herbert Schmidt lives and teaches in Austria.

Mark Hillyard

Mark discovered Eastern Martial arts in the 1980s and Western Martial Arts in the 1990s. He won the Open English Backsword competition at the Grasmere Games held in Cumbria. He is been recognised as a Maister by the Maisters’ Guild of European Martial Arts, a former President of the BFHS, a founding member and Chancellor of the Academie Glorianna and a founding member of the Historical European Martial Arts Confederation. Mark also chairs a biannual colloquium on Historical European Martial Cultural and has lecture and given workshops both nationally and internationally.

Lauren Ireland

Bruno Nicoletti

Bruno has been playing with swords on and off since he was 16. He joined the Exiles over 10 years ago and teaches their class in Kew.

Chris Halpin